Central Capital International Partners

A creative investment and resource firm, CCI Partners specializes in service. Fostering a culture of creative thinking and open access to information allows us to face market changes and adapt to the needs of our clients. Harnessing this flexibility, we have developed a versatile platform to mitigate the challenges Chinese investors have encountered investing in the Unites States over the past two decades.

Fully integrated in the professional and personal cultures of the United States and China, CCI Partners enjoys close relationships on each side of the Pacific. Seasoned executives from both countries position us to meet the business needs of American and Chinese investors. With time tested and proven partnerships in China and the United States, we specialize in creating lasting relationships that maximize investment income with a focus on minimizing risk.

Our commitment to these relationships as well as the industry and business communities they inhabit, make us creative and effective partners. From high net wealth individuals to institutional entities in the United States and China, CCI Partners is the international investment firm you can trust.